12th Concours Grieg - International Piano Competition
15-18 September 2011, Oslo - Norway

Four Hands Piano Duo Competition

No age limit.

Free repertoire, but including:
one or more movements of Edvard Grieg: In Autumn Op.11, 2 Symphonic Pieces Op.14, Scenes of Country Life Op.19:No.2, Sigurd Jorsalfar Op.22 (first version), Peer Gynt Op.23 (first version), Two Elegiac Melodies Op.34, 4 Norwegian Dances Op.35, 2 Valse Caprices Op.37, Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op.46, Peer Gynt Suite No.2, Op.55, Peer Gynt Suite No.2 Op.55:No.5, Three Pieces from Sigurd Jorsalfar Op.56, Two Nordic Melodies Op.63, Symphonic Dances Op.64 or Gavotte and Menuet. All scores may be downloaded here.

"Restless Movements" by the Norwegian contemporary composer Wolfgang Plagge - download pdf

1st Round
September 15, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm (Levin Hall): The contestants play 25 minutes from their repertoire, including the obligatory work by Wolfgang Plagge.
2nd Round
September 16, from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm (Levin Hall): The contestants play 25 minutes from their repertoire. Repetition of pieces from the 1st round is allowed.
Final Round
September 17, from 6 pm to 9 pm (Lindeman Hall): The contestants play 50 minutes in total, including Grieg and Wolfgang Plagge. Repetition of pieces from the 1st and 2nd rounds is allowed.

It is allowed to perform with scores throughout the competition.

All the rounds are open for listeners and will take place at the Norwegian Academy of Music, (Slemdalsveien 11).
During the competition, day programmes and results will be published here.